Intensive functional rehabilitation

Intensive functional rehabilitation (IFR) is for those with an orthopedic or neurological problem such as a fracture, a joint prothesis or a stroke and who require intensive physiotherapy, occupational therapy and/or speech therapy.

How does rehabilitation work?

Professionals work with the client and their family so that they attain an optimal level of recovery specific to their situation.

Am I eligible for this type of rehabilitation?

See the eligibility criteria for access to intensive functional rehabilitation.

Eligibility criteria

Anyone who: 

  •  Is an adult who has significant functional disabilities (stroke, simple or complicated fracture, muscle and joint problems, orthopedic traumas caused by falls, neurological disorders liable to improve, amputation);
  • Is beyond the acute phase of the disease;
  • Has an identified potential for improvement and recovery;
  • Has the ability to learn and sufficient endurance to enable daily intensive treatments (4 days or more);
  • Requires intensive rehabilitation treatment that cannot be given outside the hospital and that necessitates the expertise of a specialized interdisciplinary team;
  • Is determined to return home or to a lighter resource;
  • Is determined to follow a rehabilitation program and provide the necessary efforts;
  • Is referred by an acute-care institution, a doctor’s office or a CLSC.

Exclusion criteria

  • A user who requires immobilization for several weeks which compromises intensive re-education (any client who cannot put weight on a lower limb for an undetermined period must be admitted for convalescence until they can begin more intensive rehabilitation);
  • A user who has a significant cognitive or psychiatric disorder that limits his active participation in interventions;
  • A user who does not live in the designated territory.


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