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À la suite de l’entrée en vigueur de la Loi modifiant l'organisation et la gouvernance du réseau de la santé et des services sociaux, veuillez prendre note que l'information qui se trouve sur cette page sera mise à jour. Pour en savoir plus, consultez notre page sur la réorganisation du réseau.

The service programs and support programs

In Quebec, the health and social services system is divided into service programs and support programs such that the organization of services is guided by the needs of the population or population groups grappling with a particular problem. This configuration provides a framework for planning, allocating resources and accountability reporting.

The Service Programs

There are currently nine service programs, they are :
  •  two service programs responding to needs involving the whole population :
    • public health, i.e. the promotion, prevention, and protection of health and well-being as well as surveillance of health status;
    • general services – clinical and assistance activities, which cover primary care services in the area of health and specific social problems.


  • Seven service programs devoted to specific issues:
    • Loss of autonomy linked to ageing ;
    • Physical impairment, for disabilities linked to hearing, vision, language and speech or motor skills ; 
    • Mental impairment and pervasive development disorders (PDDs) ;
    • Young people with problems
    • dependencies, such as alcoholism, drug addiction, pathological gambling, etc. ;
    • mental health physical health, which covers emergency services, specialized and highly specialized services, continuous services requiring systematic follow-up (ex. : chronic diseases, cancer and palliative care).

The support programs

The support programs, two in all, include administrative and technical activities providing support to the service programs. They are as follows:
  • administration and support ; 
  • buildings and equipment management.

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