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La Direction de santé publique de la Montérégie (Montérégie Public Health Department) has the mandate to inform the population, decision makers and different interested people as to the state of health and well-being of those that live in the Montérégie.

In that sense, the report of the Director of Public Health 2008 « Point de mire sur la santé des Montérégiens : pour cadrer l’action »(Focus on the Health of People in the Montérégie-Guidelines for Action) lists several indicators which allows one to outline a general summary of the health of people living in the Montérégie.
Rapport de la directrice de santé publique 2008 (in French only)
In addition, the provincial report « Portrait de santé du Québec et de ses régions 2006 » (Health Portrait of Quebec and its Regions 2006) brings together a number of pertinent data to describe the state of the health and well-being of the Montérégie’s population.

Rapport national sur l''état de santé de la population du Québec (In French only)
All dimensions of health are presented :
  • Demographic conditions
  • Sociocultural conditions 
  • Socioeconomic conditions
  • Physical environment 
  • Social environment
  • Life style and behaviour
  • Health services
  • Global state of health
  • State of physical health
  • State of psychosocial or mental health

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