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The Centre jeunesse de la Montérégie offers specialised services which call on up-to-date expertise and which target children, youth in difficulty and their families. The mission of this Centre is to protect, treat, prevent and stop the repetition or aggravation of social adjustment problems.

To make a report

514 721-1811 ou 1 800 361-5310

Anytime - day or night If you believe that a child or youth is in a situation of grave negligence , that he/she is the victim of bad physical or psychological treatment, is being sexually abused, is abandoned or has serious behaviour problems – drug abuse, suicide attempt, runs away, petty crime –, you must report this situation to the Director of Youth Protection for the Montérégie. If you a professional and you know of a child in one or more of such situations the Youth Protection Act obliges you to immediately advise the Director of Youth Protection for the Montérégie. Reports to the DYP are confidential.

More info : www.centrejeunessemonteregie.qc.ca

Direction de la protection de la jeunesse
Réception des signalements/Urgence DPJ
24 heures/jour, 7 jours/semaine
Appels locaux : 514 721 1811
Appels interurbains : 1 800 361.5310

A child needs you

  • He/she is between 0 and 17 years of age. 
  • He/she is followed by a psychosocial intervention worker. 
  • He /she has had difficulties in their own family, such as mistreatment, rejection or physical or sexual abuse. 
  • He/she may have serious behaviour problems and problems of an affective and social nature and may be slow in their development.
  • He/she needs a family which, for a certain time, will care for them, listen, support, give a sense of security and love them.

Contact us if..

...  you are ready to give the time and energy, in order to give them the tenderness
and affection that they need
.... you have the abilities to respond to their needs
.... you are prepared to collaborate with the natural parents and
the intervention workers who are involved with this child
.... you will consider this child as a part of your family circle and you believe in their potential,
whether you live alone, in a couple or as a family.

To contact us
1 866 420.1584
More info : www.centrejeunessemonteregie.qc.ca

The expertise service to the Superior Court carrys out a complete and impartial evaluation of the family and social situation of a child whose custody or visiting rights are the subject of litigation between parents, grand-parents or third parties. The matter must be registered at the Superior Court and the judge orders the expertise with the agreement of the concerned parties. The expertise is produced by a psychosocial intervention worker or a psychologist who is a member of their respective professional order.

For information
Marc Helde
► 450.928.4691

More info : www.centrejeunessemonteregie.qc.ca

Quebec Adoption
Attached to the Director of Youth Protection(DYP), the Adoption Service evaluates candidates for Quebec adoption and see to their being paired with children who have been orphaned, abandoned or whose parents have voluntarily renounced their parental rights.
International Adoption
The DYP has the responsibility to proceed with an evaluation of candidates and submit recommendations to the Secretariat for International Adoption. According to the country involved, they also have the responsibility to present an adoption file to the Court in order to obtain a judgement for Quebec adoption.

For information
►1.800.641.4315, Monday to Friday, from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Ask for the Adoption Service
► To pose a question
by Internet

More info : www.centrejeunessemonteregie.qc.ca

Emplois disponibles

Vous souhaitez joindre notre équipe?
Des postes d’agent de relations humaines, d’éducateurs, d’agente administrative sont toujours disponibles.

Consultez la page « Carrières » du CISSS de la Montérégie-Est



October 12, 2011

Monsieur Camil Picard remporte le prestigieux Prix Reconnaissance de carrière Persillier-Lachapelle

Lors de la soirée annuelle de la remise des prix d’excellence du ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, Monsieur Camil Picard, directeur général du Centre jeunesse de la Montérégie, a remporté le prestigieux Prix Reconnaissance de carrière Persillier-Lachapelle.

September 20, 2010

Le Centre jeunesse de la Montérégie est désigné partenaire en or !

Lors d'une cérémonie tenue le 15 septembre, le Centre jeunesse de la Montérégie s'est vu décerner par les Ressources alternatives Rive-sud une plaque honorifique.

June 17, 2010

Le CJM est agréé !

Longueuil, le 17 juin 2010 – Le conseil d’administration du Centre jeunesse de la Montérégie est fier d’annoncer que l’établissement a obtenu l’agrément pour les années 2010-2013.

April 22, 2010

22 avril : Le CJM souligne le Jour de la Terre

Le Jour de la Terre en est à sa 40ième édition et pour souligner cette journée toute spéciale pour notre planète, le comité vert du CJM vous invite à poser un geste environnemental.

April 13, 2010

Hommage aux lauréats 2009 des Prix d’excellence du Centre jeunesse de la Montérégie

Chaque année, le Centre jeunesse de la Montérégie rend hommage aux personnes et aux groupes ayant mis en œuvre des pratiques exemplaires afin d’améliorer la qualité des services offerts aux jeunes et à leur famille.

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