Santé Montérégie

Need a doctor


Do you not have a family doctor ?

For your immediate needs, different possibilities are offered to you :

1. You can contact Info-Santé by calling 8-1-1. A nurse will evaluate your problem, give you information and refer you, if needed, to an appropriate resource ;

2. You may consult a doctor without an appointment in a medical clinic a network clinic, a family medicine group (GMF), or also in your health and social services centre (CSSS) close to your home. A doctor will thus be able to evaluate your state of health ;

3. If your state of health requires immediate care, you may go to an emergency room;

4. If your needs are not only medical, your CSSS offers many health services and will surely be able to assist you.

Your CSSS can help you in your search for a doctor if :

  •  you are 70 years of age or older ;
  •  you suffer from a chronic illness : diabetes, cancer, etc. ;
  •  you are pregnant ;
  •  you have been discharged from a hospital and require medical follow-up.

There is a shortage of doctors everywhere in Quebec and the Montérégie is no exception. The region’s health and social services network is aware of the problems that access to a family doctor poses for a part of the population. Efforts are underway with the various authorities involved in order to find the best solutions possible.