Clinique externe de santé mentale de Saint-Constant

This installation is part of CISSS de la Montérégie-Ouest
26, rue Saint-Pierre , bureau 200 QC J5A 1B8

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General information

Télécopieur 1re ligne: 450 638-8505

Télécopieur 2e ligne: 450 635-3689

Telephone numbers
Telephone number
Équipe 1re ligne
Telephone number
Équipe 2e ligne

Services offered


Mental health consultations are available at certain points of service in the region. These services, provided by mental health professionals, are intended for people with severe specific problems, such as major depressive disorder, severe adjustment disorder, high risk of suicide, or generalized anxiety disorder.

Here is an overview of the services provided at this facility:

First-line mental health services - Mental health access desk

FEP (first episode psychosis) team