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Seniors’ homes

A seniors’ home is a residential building with rooms and other accommodations destined for seniors, with a more or less exhaustive list of services which may include meals, personal assistance, domestic help or security and surveillance. Nursing care is also offered in some residences.

These homes are privately owned and operated, as opposed to the residential and long-term care centres (CHSLD) which are public. The cost of the rent is determined by the owner.

In accordance with the Law respecting health and social services, each seniors’ home must now obtain a certificate which guarantees that the home meets certain standards in terms of safety and service quality.

To consult the list of seniors’ homes in Montérégie, click here: homes.


Private (not under agreement) CHSLDs for seniors with a loss of autonomy 

Private CHSLD’s receive seniors with a loss of autonomy and offer services similar to those offered in public CHSLDs. These institutions hold permits from the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services. However, those who wish to live in these residences must pay a certain amount which is determined by the owner who is also responsible for seeking out his/her own clients.

Here is the contact information for private (not under agreement) CHSLDs in Montérégie:

  • Résidence du Parc
    33, rue Argyle
    St-Lambert (Quebec) J4P 3P5
    Telephone: 450 465-1401
    Fax: 450 465-4369
    105 beds

  • Centre d’accueil St-Laurent
    480, rue LeMoyne Ouest
    Longueuil (Quebec) J4H 1X1
    Telephone: 450 670-5480
    Fax: 450 670-9874
    32 beds

  • Oasis Fort St-Louis
    155, rue De Muy
    Boucherville (Quebec) J4B 4W7
    Telephone: 450 449-3063
    Fax: 450 655-3765
    28 beds

  • Manoir Soleil
    125, rue Daigneault
    Chambly (Quebec) J3L 1G7
    Telephone: 450 658-4441
    Fax: 450 658-6521
    44 beds

  • Résidence Bourg-Joli inc.
    2915, boul. Laframboise
    St-Hyacinthe (Quebec) J2S 4Z3
    Telephone: 450 773-4197
    Fax: 450 773-6545
    24 beds

  • CSH Résidences Les Jardins de la Gare
    2020, ave. Ste-Anne
    St-Hyacinthe (Quebec) J2S 8T6
    Telephone: 450 771-2601
    Fax: 450 771-6959
    50 beds

  • Maison des Aîné(e)s Enr.
    1, rue des Aînés
    St-Timothée (Quebec) J6S 6M8
    Telephone: 450 377-3925
    Fax: 450 377-3490
    38 beds

  • Manoir Harwood (Le)
    170, rue Boileau
    Vaudreuil-Dorion (Quebec) J7V 8A3
    Telephone: 450 424-6458
    Fax: 450 424-2074
    51 beds

    R.R.1, P.O. Box 40
    Akwesasne (Quebec) J0M 1A0
    Telephone: 613 575-2507
    30 beds

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