Residential Care Centres

Residential and long-term care centres (CHSLD) are specialized health institutions that receive people with a major loss of autonomy. The housing costs are set by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ), and are calculated on the basis of the income of the person being housed.

The services offered are very diversified: from housing, assistance, support, and surveillance services to rehabilitation, psychosocial, nursing, pharmaceutical and medical services amongst others. Certain leisure services and diverse activities are also offered.

·               We have 3 residential care centres to receive people who are no longer able to stay in their own home.

·               All of our centres recommend the “living environment” approach.

·               Our services are adapted to the needs of the residents and encourage their self-fulfillment.

·               A person must require more than 3.5 hours of care per day to be eligible to reside in one of our centres.

·               Services offered: housing, assistance, support, surveillance, psychosocial, nursing, pharmaceutical, medical, leisure, physiotherapy and occupational therapy services.

All requests for admission to a residential care centre must be addressed to your CLSC.

 List of our residential care centres

Centre d’hébergement Champlain: 99 places
Centre d’hébergement Henriette-Céré: 96 places
Centre d’hébergement Saint-Lambert: 59 places

Long-term care

In each residential care centre, the care and services philosophy is based on respect, self-determination and autonomy. The client is at home in our centre and we try to limit the effects of “institution” life as much as possible.

The client and their family are at the heart of all our interventions and all our decisions. With your help, the teams will develop an interdisciplinary intervention plan (IIP) in the first weeks of housing to ensure that we work together to fulfill your expectations and reach your life objectives. At the Centre Henriette-Céré and the Centre Champlain, almost all the clientele live in single rooms, while at the Centre Saint-Lambert, the rooms are semi-private.

Temporary care

Temporary care is offered for short periods of time, to people with a loss of autonomy who need housing, often to give respite to the family.
Beds are available at all our installations:

* Centre d'hébergement Henriette-Céré: 3 beds
* Centre d'hébergement Champlain: 4 beds

Information :  450 445-4452, poste 2430 #2430

Nursing and assistance care

There are nurses, auxiliary nurses and attendants available 24 hours a day to meet the needs of the clients. We meet the CHSLD practice standards. Our teams are supported by specialized clinical nurses and by a living environment coach.

Medical services

Doctors provide on-site medical care each week, and a 24-hour on-call doctor can be reached any time of the day. The establishment is recognized for the quality of its medical team.

Rehabilitation services

The rehabilitation team is composed of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, physical rehabilitation technicians and speech therapists. The residential care services offered by this team in all three residential care centres are in the form of consultations or maintenance of physical and intellectual capacities.

Psychosocial services

There are social workers in each residential care centre, and they are in close contact with those of the CLSCs. Social workers collaborate in your housing admission and could intervene depending on your family situation after your admission.

The services of a psychologist are also available at all the centres.

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