Foster Families

A child needs you

  • He/she is between 0 and 17 years of age. 
  • He/she is followed by a psychosocial intervention worker. 
  • He /she has had difficulties in their own family, such as mistreatment, rejection or physical or sexual abuse. 
  • He/she may have serious behaviour problems and problems of an affective and social nature and may be slow in their development. 
  • He/she needs a family which, for a certain time, will care for them, listen, support, give a sense of security and love them.

Contact us if...

...  you are ready to give the time and energy, in order to give them the tenderness and affection that they need

.... you have the abilities to respond to their needs

.... you are prepared to collaborate with the natural parents and the intervention workers who are involved with this child

.... you will consider this child as a part of your family circle and you believe in their potential, whether you live alone, in a couple or as a family.

To contact us

 1 866 420.1584

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