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Programme Intégré d’Équilibre Dynamique (PIED)

General information

Did you know that one-third of people aged 65 and over experience at least one fall each year? The Programme intégré d’équilibre dynamique (PIED), offered in several places in the Montérégie region, is designed to increase autonomy and healthy life expectancy, and to delay placement in a long-term care centre for as long as possible.

Completely free of charge, the PIED program is designed for independent seniors aged 65 and over who live at home and who are concerned about falls or balance problems.

The 12-week program, which consists of twice-weekly meetings, is led by a trained healthcare professional.

It includes:

  • group exercises (e.g., balance, flexibility and strengthening exercises);
  • exercises to do at home;
  • group discussions about ways to prevent falls, such as arranging your home properly, practising safe behaviours, following an exercise program, wearing safe shoes, etc.;
  • individual assessments of the participants’ abilities, at the first and last meetings.


Pre-selection criteria

  • Age 65 and over
  • Independent
  • Live at home (not in a long-term care centre)
  • Have fallen in the past year, or is afraid of falling or concerned about their balance
  • Motivated and able to follow a group exercise program twice a week for 12 weeks

Once you have registered, to be accepted into the program, you need to answer a selection questionnaire (about your health condition) administered over the phone by a program manager.

Information about meeting locations and registration