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The institutions of the Montérégie health and social services network are committed to adhering to the Government of Québec’s accessibility standards, as they appear on the Montérégie health portal (


Non-compliant elements

Please be advised that certain elements on the Montérégie health portal do not comply with government accessibility standards, including:

  • applications;
  • downloadable documents;
  • multimedia documents;
  • extranets;
  • search engine;
  • complex tables;
  • maps (geomatics);
  • entertainment-based content or non-informative elements in Flash or JavaScript;

However, pursuant to the government policy L'accès aux documents et aux services offerts au public pour les personnes handicapées (Access to public documents and services for disabled persons), we commit to providing any person who so requests with a document in a format adapted to their needs (in most cases, a Microsoft Word document).