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Confidentiality and security

Personal information

The Montérégie health portal ( does not collect any personal information without prior consent from the user.


Automatic exchange of information between computers

The minute you access the site, your computer and the site server automatically exchange information. However, the information exchanged does not identify you personally.

The technical requirements related to web browsing require that this information be collected; it is used solely for statistical purposes, to track the number of visits, pages visited most often, technology used by visitors, referring websites, and visitors’ countries of origin. Under no circumstances may this information be used to compile lists of users.



The site uses cookies. The use of cookies on websites has become the rule rather than the exception, and most browsers are programmed to accept them. Cookies save information about your visit in a small file stored on your hard drive.

Cookies are used by the server to enhance your browsing experience; they do not have the ability to access other types of data on your hard drive.

No personal information is collected without prior consent from the user.



The site uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to secure its transactional pages and to protect the confidentiality of the data exchanged (encrypted transmission).