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Smoke-free Montérégie

Policy on smoke-free environments

On November 27, 2017, the three integrated health and social services centres (CISSSs) of the Montérégie region adopted a policy on smoke-free environments. Taking effect on May 31, 2018, the policy, to be rolled out in three phases over the next three years, will ultimately lead to indoor and outdoor environments that are completely smoke-free for users, visitors, employees, volunteers, residents and doctors.

Between now and 2020, tobacco use will gradually be prohibited indoors and on all property, including parking lots, belonging to facilities in the Montérégie health and social services network.

 The objectives of this approach

  • promote health;
  • protect users, visitors, employees, volunteers, residents and doctors from second-hand tobacco smoke;
  • prevent tobacco use in the first place;
  • support smokers who want to quit or cut down on their tobacco use.

 How will the policy be implemented?

Given the different approach taken at each of the three CISSSs, you will find below the details of each of the three policies. If you do not know which CISSS you belong to, please consult the map of the territories.

 You can quit smoking!

Our smoking cessation centres can help you! Each of the three CISSSs in the Montérégie region offers individual or group meetings for users and staff members who need help quitting smoking. For more information about the services available near you, consult the Smoking cessation department.