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Smoking cessation

General information

Who can use the services of the smoking cessation centres (SCCs)?

You can use these services if you:

  • Smoke tobacco and/or vape nicotine
  • Are thinking about quitting or have already decided to quit
  • Experience a slip-up or a relapse
  • Simply want to do something about your habit
  • Are a teenager or an adult (it’s never too late or too early to quit smoking and/or vaping)
  • Want personalized support from a dedicated specialized counsellor
  • Are thinking about asking for a prescription for nicotine patches while being followed by a smoking cessation counsellor


What services do SCCs offer?

Our SCCs offer two free and effective programs to help you quit smoking and/or vaping.  

Individual meetings 

  • 6 to 8 in-person meetings (at the CLSC or by video conferencing)
  • 30-to-60-minute meetings on weekdays (day or evening)
  • Examples of topics discussed at meetings: 
    • Profile of smokers and vapers
    • Motivation
    • Withdrawal symptoms
    • Action plan
    • Medications that can help
    • Stress management
    • Healthy diet
    • Preventing a relapse

Group meetings  

  • In-person or virtual group meetings are held at different times of the year (day or evening)
  • Weekly meetings over a period of 5 or 8 weeks
  • A minimum number of participants is required to start a group
  • The topics covered at the group meetings are similar to those discussed during the individual meetings

Our services are: 

  • Non-judgmental and respectful
  • Free 
  • Personalized and provided by a dedicated counsellor
  • Effective and adapted to your situation and lifestyle
  • Provided by experts

To find out more about the SCCs, visit the frequently asked questions section.


How do I register for a program or contact the SCCs?

  • Fill out the SCC registration form
  • Leave a message on our voicemail at 1-844-429-3358. We will call you back within two business days.


Where can I go to get in-person support from an SCC counsellor?