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Youth Protection

General information

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The Director of Youth Protection (DYP) oversees the application of the Youth Protection Act.

The DPJ:

  • receives all reports concerning children who may be in need of protection;
  • evaluates each of these children’s situations and makes decisions to ensure their protection;
  • ensures that the interests of these children are safeguarded in accordance with their rights.

The DPJ intervenes to protect children when their safety or development is compromised; in these situations, the child is considered to be in danger. The DPJ intervenes primarily in situations where a child is:

  • abandoned;
  • being neglected;
  • being psychologically abused;
  • being sexually abused;
  • being physically abused;
  • exhibiting serious behavioural problems;
  • at serious risk of being neglected, or sexually or physically abused.

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