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FEP (first episode psychosis) team

CISSS de la Montérégie-Ouest

The FEP (first episode psychosis) team treats people aged 12 to 35 who have had one or more episodes of psychosis for which they were not treated, or for which they were treated (with medication) for less than 12 months.


  • Substance-induced psychosis or psychosis associated with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder or intellectual disability: The person may be eligible after an assessment of the situation and in partnership with specialized services;
  • A person with a physical disease may be eligible following an assessment, but the psychosis must not be secondary to the disease.

The FEP team offers a rapid, accessible, non-stigmatizing service that allows the person to get back to work, school or volunteering as quickly as possible. Interventions are done in the person’s home, one-on-one or with family and friends; group interventions are also possible.

Services are available Monday to Friday, on a varying schedule in response to the client’s needs.


Anyone can call the team for a phone consultation or to speak to a team member. It may take up to 48 business hours for someone to return your calll.