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Home Care Services and How to Access Them

CISSS de la Montérégie-Centre

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As people age, they experience increased health problems and limitations, which make it more difficult for them to continue living in their homes. Many seniors do not receive preventative support and treatment to help them stay as long as possible in their homes.  Often, they are unaware of the services available or do not know how to access them. 

Together with partner organizations, local health and community services offer assistance to help seniors stay safely in their homes as long as possible.


Eligibility for services

To be eligible for homecare services, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be homebound because of a temporary or permanent disability.
  • You need to receive a portion or all of the necessary assistance in your home.


How to access services

  • The first step is to call the intake team of Home Care Services. You, someone close to you, or a health professional can make a request for services.
  • If there is voice mail, leave a message and someone will contact you within a short delay.
  • Mention your spoken language and the homecare team will do its best to accommodate you.
  • A professional from the intake team will briefly assess your situation over the phone to determine if you are eligible for home care services.
  • Some suggestions to improve your situation might be made over the phone or you might be referred to a partner organization in the community if they offer the needed services.
  • If your situation is more complex, your request will be transferred to a health care professional who will visit you in your home to complete an assessment of your needs.
  • All information given to a health care professional is confidential and can only be shared with partner organizations or with your family with your authorization.


Assessment in your home

  • You will receive a call from the health care professionnal first assigned to you to set up an appointment for a home visit. 
  • It is helpful if a family member or a friend can be present with you. 
  • The health care professional will do a complete assessment of your needs as well as of the resources and support that you have at your disposal.
  • They will also make observations of your home environment in order to ensure your safety as well as that of those who will be providing services in your home. 


Type of services offered

The type of home care services offered depend on the assessment of your needs and are adjusted to adapt to your individual characteristics and life experiences. 

Examples of services offered:

  • Recommendations for adapting your home to your needs.
  • Professional care such as nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy or psychosocial support, etc.
  • Assistance with personal care.
  • Advice on nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Support and respite for caregivers.
  • Respiratory therapy for people with chronic diseases.
  • Assistance in choosing a new living environment in connection with a loss of autonomy.
  • Palliative care.


Partners in your care

You and your loved ones are full partners in your care.

You must be willing to:

  • Participate in all decisions.
  • Give your consent.
  • Cooperate with the health service providers.


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