CHSLD Docteur-Aimé-Leduc

This installation is part of CISSS de la Montérégie-Ouest
80, rue du Marché QC J6T 1P5

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General information

This facility has paid parking. For more information, visit the Parking page. 

Telephone numbers
Telephone number
Telephone number

Services offered

Service contacts

There are two day centres on the Suroît territory, including the one at the Centre d’hébergement Docteur-Aimé-Leduc. Each day centre accommodates groups of 10-20 people per day. 

People interested in attending a day centre must:

  • live on the territory of the centre in question;
  • live at home and show signs of a loss of autonomy;
  • be motivated to participate in activities and follow the intervention plan set out by the multidisciplinary team;
  • be able to work well in a group.

To participate, you need a referral from a be able to work well in a group.

Services provided

The day centre teams are made up of nurses, physical rehabilitation therapists, recreational technicians, patient attendants, and administrative employees.

The activities at the day centre play an important role in maintaining people’s functional capacities and in encouraging them to socialize, especially people who live alone or who suffer from isolation.

Examples of activities: 

  • Stimulation activities;
  • Cooking, crafts and fine motor skills workshops;
  • Physical activities (exercise class, sand bag game, etc.);
  • Musical activities;
  • Cognitive activities;
  • Pastoral animation;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Fall prevention program;
  • Community meals;
  • Caregiver respite service;
  • Healthcare and assistance;
  • Medication monitoring;
  • Paratransit service.
How to get this serviceCall the clinic to make an appointment, or call the CLSC Salaberry-de-Valleyfield’s intake desk for home care for seniors or people with a loss of autonomy.

Opening hours

Opening hours
Day Timings
Mardi à vendredi
Samedi à dimanche
How to get this serviceTo access services at home or in a palliative care bed at an institution, call the home care intake desk at your local CLSC.
How to get this serviceCall the home care intake desk at your local CLSC.