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Lung Cancer (screening)

General information

Lung cancer screening demonstration project

The lung cancer screening demonstration project offers Quebecers aged 55 to 74 with an elevated risk of developing lung cancer a range of services aimed at screening for lung cancer and reducing the risks of developing it or dying of it. Participants in this project must meet a number of eligibility requirements.



The project consists of three major goals:

  • Reducing the risk of death from lung cancer since the goal of the project is to detect cancers at an early stage of their development.
  • Detecting lung cancer with an annual low-dose CT chest scan, the main medical test used in the project.
  • Reducing the risk of developing lung cancer. The project offers smoking cessation support to all smokers that come into contact with project practitioners. The best way to reduce the risk of developing lung cancer related to tobacco is to quit smoking.


Eligibility requirements and participation

To find out about eligibility requirements and how to participate in the project please click on the link to this website.


You can quit smoking!

Our smoking cessation centres can help you! Each of the three CISSSs in the Montérégie region offers individual or group meetings for users and staff members who need help quitting smoking. For more information about the services available near you, consult the Smoking cessation department.