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GMF-U Charles-Le Moyne

This installation is part of CISSS de la Montérégie-Centre

299, boulevard Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Bureau 201
Saint-Lambert QC J4R 2L1

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Get directions

General information

Your U-FMG

Committed to its community, the Family Medicine Centre of the Charles-Le Moyne U-FMG has a mission, through inter-professional collaboration, to provide and teach integrated care focusing on the patient, while seeking excellence through research and continued improvement.

The Charles-Le Moyne U-FMG is also a Family Medicine Unit, affiliated with the Université de Sherbrooke and its main objective is to train family physicians with the skills necessary (knowledge, abilities, attitudes) for a first line practice. It also serves to train physicians to practice in various environments and with diverse clients.

Medical residents come to the U-FMG to acquire two years of obligatory experience, under the supervision and guidance of seasoned family physicians, before completing their training program and obtaining a license to practice.


To make an appointment

For an acute and immediate health problem: Emergency service

Emergency appointments are offered every day to patients enrolled at the Charles-Le Moyne U-FMG when an acute and immediate health problem occurs.

Make an appointment by telephone for the same morning:

  • Starting at 7 a.m., from Monday to Friday;
  • Starting at 8 a.m. on Saturday, Sunday and holidays;
  • Telephone: 450 466-5630 option 5

Make an appointment by internet: 

To obtain an appointment with your physician

To obtain an appointment with your physician, you must contact the Secretariat of the Charles-Le Moyne U-FMG yourself. You will be assigned an appointment according to your needs, being:

  • A health problem;
  • A follow-up appointment for a baby,  pregnancy, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

You will be assigned an appointment within 2 weeks of your call. Delays may vary depending on high demand periods, hospital duties and your physician's vacations.

Bring your list of questions, health insurance card, list of medications, or any other medical document pertinent to the meeting.

Note that the physicians' and other professionals' schedules are available two weeks in advance.


Some of the services offered

  • Follow-ups for clients of all ages
  • Pregnancy follow-ups
  • Minor surgeries
  • Musculoskeletal disorder clinic
  • Home visits
  • Emergency appointment — Medical consultation on the same day or the next day for patients registered
  • Disintoxication — Opiate dependency treatment
  • Distribution of new injection materials for persons who consume drugs (free service)
  • End of life care
  • Breastfeeding room
  • Patient Portal:



  • Services are offered in French and English
  • Elevator: Yes — 2 floors
  • Stairs: Yes — 45 steps
  • Access ramp: Yes — At the main entrance
  • Parking: Yes — Free
  • Public transport: nearby (RTL: Bus 1 and 6)
  • How to get there 


Our team

The team at the Charles-Le Moyne U-FMG is composed of family physicians, nurse practitioners specializing in first-line care, clinical nurses, nursing assistants, psychologists, a physiotherapist, a pharmacist and social workers.

During your visit, you may be asked to meet either an extern or a family medicine resident.

An extern is a 3rd or 4th year doctor of medicine student carrying out a clerkship under the supervision of a family physician.

A family medicine resident is a student with a doctor of medicine degree who is pursuing a two-year family medicine program. He practices medicine under the supervision of a family physician.

Our team is composed of:

  • 33 resident physicians (medical students)*
  • 30 physician supervisors
  • 1 pharmacist
  • 1 psychologist
  • 2 social workers
  • 3 specialized nurse practitioners
  • 5 nurse clinicians
  • 6 assistant nurses
  • 5 members of the administrative staff
  • 1 continued quality improvement officer


Opening hours

With an appointment

Monday to Thursday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.


What is an FMG?

A family medicine group (FMG) is a group of family physicians who work in close collaboration with other health professionals. This organization of work allows clients to have easier access to medical care.

Each physician takes care of his own patients, who are registered with him. On the other hand, all physicians who are members of the FMG have access to all the medical records. In this way, a person who reports for an emergency consultation may be seen by a physician other than his own. If necessary they may also meet with a nurse or other health professional from the FMG for various follow-ups. This group approach allows:

  • A better follow-up of the patients' state of health and medical records;
  • The quality of medical care to be improved.
  • Improved access to medical care.


What is an U-FMG?

The University Family Medicine Group (U-FMG) is a family medicine clinic the priority of which is training residents in family medicine within a first-line care context and research in this discipline. It also contributes to training doctor of medicine students and other health and social service disciplines. In addition to its teaching and research vocation, it offers medical care and services to a varied clientele.



Residents follow an integrated path over two years.

4 blocks of integrated UFM: Perinatal UFM / Pediatric UFM / Emergency UFM / Elderly care UFM

4 clinical clerkship training trimesters (12 periods during the residency):

  • 3 training periods in an exterior unit: Drummondville, St-Léonard D'Aston or Farnham
  • 2 periods covering emergencies and critical care
  • 1 period in psychiatry
  • 3 optional training periods
  • 1 period in perinatality
  • 2 periods in hospital medicine
  • 2 mixed periods (P7: UFM)


Services offered